Fantasy Football Rankings

30 Rookies Ranked. Your Ultimate Guide for Draft Day

The 2022 NFL Draft was heavy on defensive players on offensive lineman early. We then saw a run on wide receivers as there were six drafted in the top 18 who all expect to make an impact on their teams in year one. There were even three running backs taken in the second round. Quarterbacks[…]

Top 50 Rookies Pre-2022 Draft

The 2022 rookie draft has little guaranteed other than there’s likely to be unexpected landing spots and more likely than ever to be some surprise value in later-round picks when the season starts. Here are our top 50 rookies to target for drafts happening pre-draft day. Top 50 Ranked Rookies of 2022 Rank Player Name[…]

Top Performers of the NFL Fantasy Season

The NFL fantasy season has officially ended and the NFL Playoffs are about to kick off. Hopefully it was a successful season for everyone and people weren’t stuck in last place in their leagues as many people may have to do the “Hot Ones” challenge, spend 24 hours in a Denny’s, or some other crazy[…]

Week 17 Sits and Starts

Week 17 marks the final week in fantasy football this year for many leagues. In the new 18 week NFL season this is used as the championship week in most cases. It makes for the most important week for those who will be in the championship or consolation game for a third place finish to[…]

Players to Target for the Week 4 Waiver Wire

In week 3 there wasn’t a standout player to add from the waiver wire. That may have changed in week 4 waiver wire.  CMC Injury Update Christian McCaffrey suffered another injury that could keep him out the next 4 weeks due to a hamstring tweak.   That opens up the door for the replacement in Carolina[…]