Fantasy Football Trade Calculators

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Fantasy Football Trade Calculators
Fantasy Football Trade Calculators

A big part of fantasy football is trading. Owners can upgrade their team by trading with other teams, but how do you know if you are getting fair value in your proposed trade? 

One thing to look at is the positional fit and if trading a wide receiver for a running back, for example, makes sense based on the needs of your roster. 

Another way can be to use a fantasy football trade calculator. We look into some of the various fantasy football calculators that can have different uses in certain league types or situations.

Fantasy Football Calculator Trade

One of the first things to do when making or receiving a trade is to ensure that you are getting fair value. That is where fantasy football trade calculators come in. You can download the Fantasynomics Trade Calculator in the App Store or Google Play

When searching for the best calculator look for a site that will provide that service that you trust and recognize. 

Google results will pull up a bunch of calculators that offer this for free. One of the top Google search results brings up, which has an extremely easy to use trade calculator. 

Each player is assigned a trade value based on their calculations and rankings, and then they are compared to each other to get the overall value of the trade. 

Seen below is an example of a trade from Fantasy SP that gives Tom Brady 18.22 points in a trade for Matt Stafford, who is graded at just 16.51. So in this case obviously the total trade score Brady has would outweigh that of Stafford.

Fantasy Football Calculator Trade

Free Fantasy Football Calculator

Most of the fantasy football calculators that you come across on the internet will be free. 

However, most of them will also have additional features besides just the trade analyzer screen like pictured above. 

These features will further breakdown the players within the trade, how it affects each team, the stat categories that are most affected, the change in positional rankings for each team, other trade ideas, and even more. 

These features can be unlocked by signing up for a membership that can be free, paid, or have a free trial as well.

Fantasy Football Calculator PPR

Most fantasy football calculators will even give you the option to select the settings of your league before they analyze the trade for you. 

It is definitely important to see the trade breakdown for a standard vs PPR league as well as other league settings such as the number of teams in your league, the number of starting quarterbacks or the needs of your current roster.

Fantasy Football Score Calculator

Most of the top apps and websites for playing fantasy football will calculate the weekly score of your team and your current matchup for you. 

These apps, such as ESPN, Yahoo, and CBS, will show what each player will score and if your lineup is expected to beat your opponent.

In the screenshot below from the ESPN Fantasy app, you can see the total projected score at the top, as one team is expected to score 89 while the other is expected to get 88. 

This is a built-in score calculator on the app based on ESPN’s own point projections.

Fantasy Football Score Calculator

Fantasy Football Points Calculator Yahoo

Yahoo offers a similar calculator to that of ESPN. In their points calculator that is built directly into the app you can see point projections. 

This includes in-game projections to see where your team stands in the current matchup and what the final score based on what has already happened in the games might be.

ESPN Fantasy Football Trade Calculator

ESPN doesn’t offer much in the area of analyzing trade offers. They do break down the positional rank of each player which gives you some idea of what you are giving up and getting back in return, but there is not much further breaking down the trade. That is where these other trade calculators come into play.

While Harris has a rank of 46, which doesn’t seem terrible, he is only started in 54% of leagues in this example. 

Using a trade calculator to look more into this deal would likely show that Barkely is too much too much give up in this deal. 

ESPN Fantasy Football Trade Calculator

Fantasy Football Trade Calculator Dynasty

One of the biggest trends currently for fantasy football players is playing in dynasty leagues. For these leagues owners will keep their players year after year. 

This means that players that are older hold less value, such as Aaron Rodgers in this example trade below. 

You will also notice the setting that this website, Roto Trade, has on the top of their trade calculator. 

This allows them to project the trade based off of dynasty value, in addition to a standard redraft league.

Fantasy Football Trade Calculator Dynasty

Fantasy Football Custom Scoring Calculator

When using a fantasy football trade calculator to get the most accurate results you want to be able to break down some of the league basics so the calculator takes that into account. 

In the Roto Trade calculator you can do just that. At the top of the calculator there is an option to select based on various league settings such as PPR value, 2 or 1 QB leagues, Dynasty or Redraft, and even if you want to include their trade package feature that takes into account trading varying amounts of players in a deal.

Fantasy Football Custom Scoring Calculator

Fantasy Football Trade Calculator With Draft Picks

Some leagues will even allow users to trade draft picks before the fantasy draft occurs. 

For those who are curious about the value of picks, the Fantasy Football Guys have their own calculator to show the perceived value of these picks. 

Below is an example trade showing that picks 5 and 25 have slightly less value than picks 1 and 40. The owner of picks 5 and 25 would be recommended to do this deal.

Fantasy Football Trade Calculator With Draft Picks

Fantasy Football Playoff Odds Calculator

For fantasy football owners there are additional calculators that can be utilized aside from getting information about trades. 

One of those is calculating the odds of making the playoffs. This should give owners an idea if they need to make a trade or not based on if they have good odds with their current roster to make the playoffs or not. has a good calculator for this where you can sync your fantasy team and league to get the results.

Fantasy Football Start Or Sit Calculator

Calculating who to sit or start should be fairly simple. All of the big and mainstream apps and websites have it built in directly on your team page. 

You can see from there who is projected to score the most points that week and plug in a player on your bench if they are projected to outscore someone in your starting lineup. 

Fantasy Football Calculator ADP PPR

When drafting your fantasy team it is important to look at ADP. This can be in standard or PPR leagues. 

The consensus No. 1 pick will have an ADP close to 1, such as 1.2, and the next picks will likely be around 2 or higher. 

This shows where other drafts have selected individuals on average for each player. This can determine if you are taking a player too high or if you are getting a steal at your pick.

Fantasy Football Calculator (website) has a good system for showing ADP PPR rankings.

Fantasy Football Schedule Strength

Strength of schedule is something that football fans should be well aware of. In the NFL it is the rank of your teams’ schedule compared to how tough the opponents as a whole throughout the season will be

In fantasy football schedule strength has a different meaning. This is a ranking used to determine where teams are ranked against their opponents for the course of the season based on position. 

The graphic below displays a chart that breaks this down nicely. You can see in this chart that the Arizona Cardinals have a two-star rating for their quarterbacks out of five, shown in the top left-hand corner. 

This means that Arizona quarterbacks, or Kyler Murray, have one of the toughest schedules for quarterbacks to score fantasy points on.

It is further broken down for every position on a fantasy roster for each team.

Fantasy Football Schedule Strength

Fantasy Football Calculator Mock Draft Results

Mock drafts are a great way to practice for your league’s real draft. The problem is knowing if your mock draft went well or not. 

Fantasy Pros has a system with Draft Wizard to automatically give your team a grade after the mock draft that is worth checking out.

Fantasy Football Calculator Week 1 Rankings

Everyone is excited for week 1 of the NFL season to begin, and fantasy websites already have their rankings and point projections out. 

Fantasy Pros is a great one, and the rankings and projections for each player and position can be found on their website at the link below to get ready for the season to kickoff. 


Fantasy football trade calculators are probably the most common calculator that someone will use for fantasy football. 

There are a ton of great free options that can cater to exactly what you are looking for in your specific league or various ones to get a different perspective. 

Additionally, there are other calculators for looking at various other things in fantasy football. Make sure to take advantage of all of these to get the most out of your fantasy football season. 

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Fantasy Football Trade Calculators