The How, What, When, Which, Where & Why Questions of Fantasy – Answered

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The How, What, When, Which, Where & Why Questions of Fantasy – Answered

The ‘What’

What fantasy football draft pick is best?

Generally, you will want the highest pick possible. That way there is a higher likelihood that you can draft who you want and get who you expect to be one of the top fantasy players that year. 

A middle-round pick isn’t terrible though either as there is the possibility that the player you like the best falls to you at pick four let’s say. 

Then you will also get a higher pick in the next round. One of the last picks in the first round can seem bad but your second pick comes up a lot sooner.

There commonly is no correlation between a high pick and winning the league as the rest of the draft will make a bigger impact than just your first pick.

What fantasy football players should I pick?

There is no magic formula to picking the right players that will win you your league. 

There are multiple strategies that have all worked in the past. It is, however, important to follow some general rules of thumb. 

These include following the overall player rankings from the site you are drafting on fairly closely. 

If you are picking at pick No. 4, it wouldn’t be advised to pick a player ranked 25th, for example. Additionally, you should want to fill out your starting lineup before selecting bench players in most cases.

What fantasy football players should I pick?

What’s fantasy football?

Fantasy football is a game that is based off of real NFL players’ stats. 

Members of the fantasy football league will draft a team of players that will go head-to-head against one other teams each week. 

The teams with records good enough will then go into the playoffs in the final weeks of the NFL regular season to crown a champion of the league in the end. 

What is a fantasy football draft?

The fantasy football draft is the first step in starting your league. Each team owner will be able to draft their original roster in the draft. 

In the draft, all of the fantasy-eligible NFL players will be available to be drafted. 

The team owners will take turns drafting players until their entire roster is filled out. 

The players drafted by each team will be the players that that team will begin the season using in their lineups. 

What is the best fantasy football information source?

There are numerous fantasy football sources of information. 

One of the best sources of information that can be read, watched, or listened to is from ESPN. 

ESPN not only has one of the most popular sites to play fantasy football on but they also have one of the most in-depth sources of free fantasy football information. 

They have numerous writers on staff who write articles every week, as well as content creators who put out videos, and teams that produce podcasts as well. 

The ‘How’

How fantasy football works?

Fantasy football is a points-based scoring system that matches up two teams in a league each week. 

Commonly, leagues are between 8 and 14 teams. If a team scores more points than their opponent in a week they are given a win. 

At the end of the season teams with the best records will compete in a single elimination playoff bracket to crown the winner of the league. 

How do fantasy football name generators work? 

Most fantasy football name generators will allow you to pick a set criteria that will be used to generate a name for you. 

Some common topics can be NFL player names, NFL team names, or football terms. Other name generators can be completely random. 

People will commonly use fantasy football name generators to find a funny or clever name or if they are completely stumped at deciding on a name for their team.

How do fantasy football analyzers work?

The most common form of a fantasy football analyzer will analyze a potential trade. 

These trade analyzers will grade each player based on how they are performing during the year to give them a current value. 

This value is then used to determine which team will win the trade if it does indeed go down. Some trade analyzers will take into account package deals, league formats, and more.

How do fantasy football analyzers work

The ‘Which’ 

Which fantasy football app is best?

There are a ton of great app options to play fantasy football on for free. 

The main apps include: ESPN, Yahoo, CBS, and more recently, Sleeper. All of these sites essentially will offer the same services, which are all adequate. 

Most of the decision on what fantasy football app to use is based on the user interface that an individual likes the best. 

Which fantasy football league is best?

There are tons of options on how to set up a fantasy football league. 

Some of these options include: number of teams, scoring settings, players per team, and more. 

No league is better than another, but the most common league will feature a starting roster of one quarterback, two running backs, two wide receivers, one tight end, one flex player, one defense, and one kicker, with seven bench players. 

They will also use the standard scoring methods on ESPN, Yahoo, and the other top fantasy football sites.

Which fantasy football analyst is most accurate?

When looking for the most accurate fantasy football analyst it comes down a lot to personal preference. 

However, Fantasy Pros has actually tracked some analysts and their accuracy over the past few years, which can be seen down below. 

According to their data, Sean Koerner from the Action Network is the most accurate.

Which fantasy football site is best?

The main fantasy football websites are probably the best for anyone looking to play fantasy. 

These websites include ESPN and Yahoo, which have been around since the inception of online fantasy football. 

Everything you could need is laid out cleanly on these websites. It is really down to personal preference on the layout and navigation of the site they like best as they both have essentially the same features in general.

Which fantasy football magazine is the best?

ESPN Fantasy Football is one of the best magazines every year. You can find some of the most complete and lengthy coverage of fantasy football within its pages. 

This magazine will have player breakdowns, rankings, strategies, and much more that any fantasy football fan can learn and get another perspective from. 

There are tons of other options as well for quality fantasy football magazines, but ESPN’s has been around for a long time and is one of the most comprehensive. 

Which public fantasy football league is best?

Anyone can play fantasy football even if they don’t know anyone else who plays or are not invited to a league. 

This is the beauty of public fantasy football leagues. These leagues can be found on the popular free fantasy football sites and can be joined by anybody. 

As the fantasy season comes closer, there are new public leagues that have open spots and are ready to draft within the hour. 

Some sites, like ESPN shown in the image below, will even match you to a league based on the league settings you are interested in.

Which public fantasy football league is best

Which fantasy football position should I draft first?

There are numerous strategies of drafting and what positions to take where and when. 

Essentially any position, besides a kicker and defense, is okay to draft first, but it also depends on which pick you get in the first round. 

It wouldn’t be advised to take a tight end per say with the No. 1 overall pick though if the top tight end is ranked 10th overall. 

If you pay attention to the overall rankings on the platform you are drafting on, you can’t go wrong with a QB, RB, WR, or TE.

The ‘When’

When does fantasy football start?

The fantasy football season starts when the first regular season NFL game kicks off. In 2022, this date is September 8th.

The NFL season commonly will begin on a Thursday with only one game played, not on Sunday as a lot of people may think. 

Make sure to set your draft time before the first game or your league will feature one less week.

When does fantasy football start

When should I start my fantasy football draft?

As soon as the next season of fantasy football is set up on fantasy sites it is viable to draft your fantasy football league. 

However, it may be advised to wait until the week or so before the NFL and fantasy football season starts due to players getting injured or suspended before the season actually begins. 

There is nothing worse than drafting a player who won’t play during the year after getting hurt before the season even starts

When did fantasy football first start being played?

Most people credit Bill Winkenbach, the part owner of the Oakland Raiders in 1962, with creating and playing in the first ever fantasy football league. 

This league was all done offline, obviously, with pencil and paper and manual tracking of players stats on each team to determine which team won every week. 

It is said that in 1985 the first online fantasy football league took place via Grandstand Sports Services that allowed people to play fantasy football online.

The ‘Where’

Where to play fantasy football?

The most common places to play fantasy football are on popular websites such as ESPN, Yahoo, CBS,, and Sleeper. 

These sites all have free options to play and create fantasy football leagues on. 

Essentially any feature you are looking for in a fantasy league can be found on these websites, and they are easy to set up and use as well. 

Where to join fantasy football leagues?

For those who don’t have many friends or family that play fantasy football, there are options online to join public leagues with other fantasy football players from around the world. 

These can be found on all the popular websites and are available to join almost at all times on the top sites like ESPN and Yahoo.

Where to create a fantasy football league?

Fantasy football leagues can be created on any of the top sites like ESPN, Yahoo, CBS,, or Sleeper. 

While it may seem like a daunting task to set up, these sites make it really easy. 

If you don’t exactly know what settings you want for your league these sites will have presets of the most common leagues already filled in for you. 

Essentially all that you need to do from there is pick the number of teams you plan on having in your league, the draft time, and the league name.

Where to mock draft? 

It is recommended to do a mock draft on the same site that your real draft will take place on. 

The top fantasy football sites will all offer a mock draft for you. This is recommended because you will get the feel for the rankings, format, and overall structure for what your real draft will look like. 

If the site your league is in doesn’t offer a mock draft, then ESPN, Yahoo, and Sleeper have some of the best and easiest mock drafts to join and complete.

Where to mock draft

The ‘Who’

Who invented fantasy football?

Bill Winkenbach was part owner of the Oakland Raiders in 1962 when he played the first documented league of fantasy football. 

This league was done completely offline where he and the members of the league drafted their teams and kept score by looking at the stats of every player and recording them manually. 

Who should I start in fantasy football?

The question of who to start in fantasy football is probably the most common question that anyone asks. 

While no one knows exactly who will score the most points each week, there are tools to decide who you should start based on projections and predictions of computers and fantasy football experts.

The first place to look for who to start should be directly on the fantasy football platform you are playing on. 

Most sites will give you a points projection for each player on your roster every week. From there you can simply plug in the highest projected scoring players.

Another place to look is on fantasy football content websites as they will rank and project points for every player based on their experts opinions every week. 

This is a good way to get another opinion besides the computer generated point projections available in your league.

Who should I start in fantasy football

Who plays fantasy football?

Everyone plays fantasy football! Well, not technically everyone plays but people from all backgrounds play fantasy football. 

People who have never seen an NFL game in person or on TV play fantasy football as well as the hardcore football fan. 

It is most popular in the United States but is also played all over the world. Maybe the best part of fantasy football is that anyone can play.

The ‘Why’

Why does fantasy football matter? 

Fantasy football matters because it is another great way to follow the NFL and enjoy it even more. Additionally, fantasy football brings people together. 

It gives family, friends, and coworkers a way to get together and stay in touch from far away. One of the best things about fantasy football is that anyone can play and be good at it. Football fans and non-football fans can both equally enjoy and be good at fantasy football.

Why play fantasy football?

If you are a football fan fantasy football adds another aspect to watching the NFL. 

Fantasy football players can root on the players on their team as they watch live games, that adds another element and interest level in the games. 

For people who are not into football, or even those who are, it is also a great way to interact with your friends, family, or coworkers in another way that can also be remotely from various parts of the world. 

Fantasy football gives people another reason to keep in touch with each other and bring out their competitive side if they want to as well. 

Why is fantasy football considered gambling?

The only reason fantasy football would be considered gambling is if you pay to enter the league with the possibility of winning money at the end of the season if you win the whole league or come high enough in the standings to where you could be paid. 

A common definition of gambling for some people is putting money into something that can pay back more or can lose it all as well. 

It is definitely a possibility that you could lose your money if you join a league where only the top 30% of people win money, for example.

On the other hand, fantasy football can be played 100% for free. 

Sometimes there will be prizes even in free leagues if you are playing in a work league perhaps or something of that nature, but most of the top fantasy football websites and apps are completely free to use. 

Playing in leagues where there is no chance of losing money obviously wouldn’t be considered gambling. 

According to the Fantasy Sports and Gambling Association, fantasy football is not gambling due to it being a game of skill and not luck.

Why is fantasy football considered gambling

Why is fantasy football so popular?

The main reason why fantasy football is so popular is because anyone can play. In order to play all a person needs to be able to do is be competent at navigating a simple website or app. 

Beyond that it is super easy to play and even be good at for beginners. 

Another reason why fantasy football is so popular is because football is the most popular sport in the United States to watch. 

Football fans who want to get even more out of the NFL season will commonly play fantasy football as well. It is something that can be enjoyed by both football and non-football fans alike.

Why is fantasy football so popular


 There’s always a lof of questions to ask in Fantasy Football. We’ve covered some of the key how, what, where’s and why’s of Fantasy. 

As we’ve learned over there years there’s always more to learn, we’ll update this page as we go in our quest to help others understand fantasy.

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The How, What, When, Which, Where & Why Questions of Fantasy – Answered