Top 300 Player Rankings

Latest Top 300 Player Rankings

PPR, Redraft, Dynasty & Superflex Fantasy Football

Who are the top 300 ranked players in fantasy football? Our rankings are updated daily, so be sure to bookmark this page.

The formats we cover are: PPR, Redraft, Dynasty and Superflex; we support managers in deep leagues who have over 15 roster spots to fill.

Use our rankings to not only pick the top 10 by position but to ensure all your bench spots are wisely used.

The difference between the elite managers and the rest is often how relevant their deep bench is, particularly later in the season as injuries occur.

Our data analysis suggests that a past extensive injury does up the chances of a player being injured again (unfortunately); like age, these are just data points we need to consider against the player’s talent.

A challenge when drafting is what position to draft. It’s easier to make comparisons to Elite RB vs Elite RB, but how do you compare Elite WR vs Elite TE?

Balancing the combination of position vs player value is how to draft in fantasy football successfully.

Early Round Drafting Decisions

For PPR Redraft, Dynasty and Superflex leagues, we balance the different data points in our algorithms differently.

However, the data does suggest that it’s not always best to draft the rookie over the veteran in Dynasty. In Superflex, you may take an elite RB over a QB due to the depth of the position.

In redraft leagues, depending on your position in the draft, you’ll either be a draft strategy setter if you have an early pick or a taker if you’re a later pick.

The draft strategy setter will likely choose a zero RB, WR or TE and if you’ve got the 10th overall pick, be prepared to pivot based on the direction before you have taken.

Whatever your drafting strategy or format is, our daily updates to our rankings can help you make the playoffs and hopefully go one step further to win your league.

Rankings last updated on 20th May 2022